Open Research Repository collection development policy

The Open Research Repository collects Open Access scholarly works authored or co-authored while an author is affiliated with CEU.

CEU researchers are mandated to deposit an Open Access version of each of their scholarly articles in the CEU repository providing there is no legal prohibition against doing so. The mandated version of an article is the final, peer-reviewed author’s version, also known as the Author’s Accepted Manuscript (AAM).

In cases where the publisher policy does not allow the deposit of the Author’s Accepted Manuscript, the version submitted to the publisher (preprint) can be deposited instead.

What types of works are collected?

The following research outputs are encouraged to be deposited, if legally admissible. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Journal articles
  • Book reviews, editorials
  • Monographs (including translations into English, German and Hungarian)
  • Book chapters
  • Working papers

Only works by authors with CEU affiliation are accepted in the repository. Please do not submit works with a non-CEU affiliation.

What types of items should not be deposited?

The following types of items should not be deposited:

  • Unpublished materials that have not been peer-reviewed
  • Various versions of the same publication (e.g. first draft, revised draft)
  • Non-scholarly works, e.g.:
    • Newspaper and magazine articles
    • Popular books/chapters in popular books
    • Works such as interviews, eulogies, commentaries, opinion pieces, encyclopaedia entries
    • Creative writing and fictional works
    • Blog posts
    • Social media posts
    • Private correspondence
    • Websites
  • Datasets
  • Software packages

Which file formats are accepted?

Users may deposit their publications in any text format (PDF, MS Word, Excel, etc.). By default, all text files will be converted into PDF files upon publication. Secured or encrypted files should not be submitted.

Who can make deposits?

New items can be deposited in the repository by:

  • Faculty members (self-deposit)
  • Administrative staff authorized to make submissions on faculty’s behalf (e.g., department coordinators)
  • Library staff on faculty's behalf

To deposit, users must be logged in with their CEU credentials.

How are deposits made?

Users can choose one of the following submission options:

The CEU Library reserves the right not to accept documents which are deemed out-of-scope or unsuitable for inclusion in the ORR for other reasons.